What is the DELTA-U/-T/-O range?

The DELTA range is a complete and innovative range of high-quality, sturdy drains and ducts that do not require additional lateral reinforcement when being installed. Where the European standard EN-1433 applies, they are defined as Type I, which requires no further support:

- DELTA-O: concealed drains up to load class F900 - Type I in accordance with EN-1433

- DELTA-U: drains up to load class F900 – Type I in accordance with EN-1433

- DELTA-T: drains or ducts up to load class D400 – Type I in accordance with EN-1433

Unique Selling Points (USP)

Quality and soundness

All channels are of the self-supporting type-I according to standard EN-1433 (for all load classes A15 to F900). As a result, they are both robust and sound. Furthermore, they do not require lateral reinforcement when installed.


Bicycle safety was central to the design. The gutters can therefore be crossed without any problems. It is also possible to protect the edges with firmly anchored galvanised protection profiles. All channels can be installed safely and smoothly via CE-approved lifting devices.

Smart Design

The shape of our gutters is optimised to maximise material efficiency. The elements are cleverly designed to save concrete, with no impact on durability. The DELTA-O range also features a cast seal that no longer requires caulking on site.

Complete range

De Bonte Group offers a full range of gutters, complemented by modular project solutions. Similarly, we produce covers for every possible application, optimised thanks to a variety of materials used: concrete, cast iron, steel, wood and plastic.

Competitive pricing

Our gutters are constantly in production and therefore always in stock. This allows us to always offer the range at the best price. 

Basic range from stock

Stock quantities are constantly monitored, so that an extensive basic range is available from stock. Thanks to our solid distribution network, via distributors, these gutters are also available in the Netherlands and northern France.

- A sturdy, high-quality drain or duct

- Can be placed safely

- A smart design

- A complete range

- Attractive prices

Advantages of the DELTA-U/-T/-O range

Where buy the DELTA-U/-T/-O range?

In the Benelux, the DELTA-U/-T/-O range is available through local distributors. They have access to the factory stocks and will assist you with advice and customised solutions!

Find your local distributor here.

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